There are several theories in counselling and having studied many of them, I understand that as an individual, one particular theory won’t necessarily be the right ‘fit’ for you. Therefore I tend to work integratively, which means I use different facets of theory that I see as being most beneficial to you.


However, theory aside, the most important part of counselling for me, is how I can be of help to you. In creating the right environment, I hope that you will feel able to talk openly about your troubles, as it is important to be comfortable with the person you share your problems with.


How counselling can help


We all have an innate drive towards emotional wellbeing, however, sometimes we can get ‘stuck’. Being overwhelmed by problems or situations can cloud your ability to understand or make sense of your situation. I see my role as helping you to understand your own thoughts, feelings, and responses; learn new behaviours or responses to situations that can help you to achieve your goals and very importantly, to feel better about yourself. Having someone who listens attentively and sensitively to you, has your best interests at heart and who is genuinely interested in you as a person, can be a valuable, rewarding and enlightening experience.


Contact and Appointments


In the first instance, I would offer you a half hour session free of charge. This gives you the opportunity to meet me and to see whether counselling is the way forward for you. There is no obligation to continue if you feel counselling isn't for you, or that perhaps we are not the right 'fit'.


Then what happens.....


After the first free half hour session, I would schedule regular one hour sessions with you, where you will be encouraged to talk about your problems, how you feel and what you think about your situation. As counselling is a psychological form of help rather than being practically orientated, I will use skills and techniques that will help you find the best and most appropriate solution for yourself, as being told what to do can often lead to a problem not being understood or dealt with to your satisfaction.




  • £30 a session (one hour)
  • Students £25 (one hour)